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Debt Finance

Debt Finance means money loaned to the company to be repaid with interest (or equivalent charges) Types of debt finance include:
  • Secured loans
  • Unsecured loans and Mezzanine finance
  • Bank overdraft
  • Invoice Discounting and Factoring
  • Hire Purchase and Leasing
  • Payroll Finance

Secured loan finance

If you or your company have freehold or long leasehold property, it is normally possible to raise a loan from a bank or other lender secured on it, but how do you know you are getting the best deal? Ralph Bettany Associates will help you find the right loan for your business and guide you through the application process. If on the other hand you are intending to use your residential property to raise money to inject into the business, we can help you find a suitable deal via one of our partner firms

Unsecured loan finance

Under certain circumstances it may be possible to obtain smaller loans on an unsecured basis, although the rates of interest are somewhat higher due to the risks involved. If you need a larger amount of money but do not have property available for security you may be eligible for the Government backed Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme, or a Mezzanine loan. Mezzanine Finance is an unsecured loan linked to an actual or potential equity stake. Whatever the case Ralph Bettany Associates will help you find unsecured loan finance for your business and assist you with the application process, which usually involves the preparation of a Business Plan.


Unlike a loan, an overdraft is a facility agreed with a bank enabling a business to obtain funds via a current account without a specific repayment schedule. This type of funding tends to be more expensive than an equivalent loan, but is extremely useful in that it allows for short-term fluctuations in working capital requirements. Application procedures vary, however Ralph Bettany Associates will help negotiate a suitable overdraft for your business and assist you with the application process
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