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About us

Ralph Bettany Associates was incorporated in 1999, although the business has been in existence since 1992 when founder Ralph Bettany FCA left KPMG to form his own consultancy and accountancy firm.


Ralph has always had a passion for helping businesses to start-up and grow. Over the years he has built up an excellent reputation, and is well-known for successfully helping businesses to raise finance, particularly grants, and achieve their full potential. A good example is Dinamo Productions

As well as using Ralph’s own extensive knowledge and expertise, particularly in the field of business finance, the firm has achieved success in helping clients grow their businesses through building an extensive network of, and developing strong long-term relationships with, business associates and contacts in private and public sector organisations.

So make Ralph Bettany Associates your first point of contact as we can offer your business an unparalleled solution for all your accountancy and corporate finance needs. Contact us now on 01792 846 878 or ralph@ralphbettany.co.uk to arrange a short no obligation meeting.

Ralph Bettany Associates Limited